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Welcome to the eTRAKiT portal 1

Accessing ETRAKiT. 1

Public Registered User Login. 1

Register for a Public User Account 1

Public Login. 1

Contractor Login. 1

Searching and Viewing Permit Records. 1

Search Results. 1

My Dashboard. 1

Permit Application. 1

STEP 1. Enter Permit Information. 1

STEP 2. Enter Contact Information. 1

STEP 3. Review and Submit 1

STEP 4. Checkout/Confirmation. 1



Getting Started


Welcome to the eTRAKiT portal


Welcome to the City of Key West online permit and project web portal called eTRAKiT. Through eTRAKiT users can view records and check project or permit status without logging in.

Public users that create an account will have the ability to pay fees and view records in detail.

Contractor users that create an account will have the ability to pay fees, apply for permits, schedule, and cancel inspections on their permits, and view records in detail.


Accessing ETRAKiT


The website address for eTRAKiT is

You can also access the website through the City of Key West homepage at by clicking on the On-line Permit/Application portal link under Quick Links.

eTRAKiT Home Page


Public Registered User Login


Register for a Public User Account

Click on “Setup an Account” and enter the required information, click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Public registration

Public Login

Select the user type “Public” and enter the username and password you have created.

User type dropdown



Contractor Login

To register as a CONTRACTOR, send your name, complete contact information, e-mail, and state license number to You will receive a username and password.

Select the user type “Contractor” and select the business name from the username dropdown menu and enter your password.

Contractor login


Searching and Viewing Permit Records

Enter search parameters (Street Address, Permit Number, Permit Type, etc.), then select the parameter (Contains, Begins With, etc.) and enter the value to search for, then click on the SEARCH button.

Permit search


Search Results

Click on the row you would like to view details on.

Permit search results



The permit record has tabs that can be clicked on for details. Also, the Search Results appear to the left and can be navigated while viewing permit records.

Permit Search


My Dashboard


My Open Permit Applications: Applications that are not completed and submitted will show up in this section.  You can choose to complete or delete the application.

My Active Permits: This section allows you to review the status of submitted project applications and project summaries.  To review this information, click the Permit Number in the far-left column.  To pay a fee select the FEES DUE link.

My Active Inspections: This section allows you to schedule, cancel, and review the status of inspections on previously issued permits.

My Active Licenses: Check the status of active or inactive licenses.

My Licenses for Renewals: Currently expired licenses that will allow you to renew.



Permit Application

To apply for a permit, users must be logged in.

Click on the Permit Application link on the Dashboard. Please read the Permit Application Confirmation and click “I Agree” then click CONTINUE.

Permit Application


STEP 1. Enter Permit Information


Select the Permit Type and enter a Short Description, any Notes, and a Job Value.

Enter part of the address and click SEARCH. Select the correct address from the dropdown.

To add an attachment with site or installation information, click the SELECT button in the attachment window at the bottom and select the file from your computer, give a brief description of the information, and then click UPLOAD.


Permit application

STEP 2. Enter Contact Information


Please enter the Applicant, Owner, and Contractor contact Information and click NEXT STEP.

Permit Application

STEP 3. Review and Submit


This tab allows you to review your application and make changes. Click NEXT STEP to process fee payment.


STEP 4. Checkout/Confirmation


Checkout Summary displays the fee amount(s) that you are about to proceed with. Click “PAY BY CREDIT CARD” to proceed. This will display an Order Summary on our e-payment processor,

Enter all card information and select PAY.

Order Summary